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pot-hole (plural pot-holes)

  1. Alternative form of pothole
    • 1879, Leverett T. Harper, Sioux Falls, Dakota, patent 234,683 for a Hay-Burner Attachment for Stoves, published in 1880 in the Specifications and Drawings of Patents Issued from the United States Patent Office, page 827:
      It is designed that the body part b shall be of suitable diameter to fit reasonably close into the pot-hole, and the flange b'' is intended to rest upon the stove-top; []
    • 1918 May 16, Archie O. Strickland, of Winfield, Kansas, patent 1,298,819 for a Fuel-Magazine, serial number 234,999, published in 1919 in the Official Gazette of the United States Patent Office:
      In an attachment for a stove which has in its top a double pot-hole having straight sides and semicircular ends, said top having a depressed lid supporting shoulder surrounding said double pot-hole; []
    • 1987, Bill Stewart, Improved wood, waste and charcoal burning stoves, page 61:
      When different pots are to be used on one stove the most effective solution is to have the front pot-hole as large as the most commonly-used large pot, []