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Alternative forms[edit]


top-hole (comparative more top-hole, superlative most top-hole)

  1. (chiefly Britain, informal) Of very high quality, tip-top.
    • 1914, H. H. Munro, When William Came, ch. 5:
      "I say, this is a top-hole omelette," said Ronnie.
    • 1916, Kathleen Norris, The Heart of Rachael, ch. 1:
      "But Carol's different—she's square, she is; she's just top-hole—if you know what I mean—she's the finest ever," finished Miss Sartoris.
    • 1921, Ralph Connor, To Him That Hath, ch. 1:
      "My word, old chap, that is top-hole tennis," said the Englishman, warmly congratulating him.