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Alternative forms[edit]


Suggesting that the media in question was captured using a potato instead of a camera.


potato-quality (comparative more potato-quality, superlative most potato-quality)

  1. (Internet slang, of a video or image) Of exceptionally poor quality; low-resolution, grainy, or blurry.
    • 2015, Bin Feng, quoted in "Bin Feng", Art Reveal Magazine, Number 4 (2015), page 21:
      What good[sic] about photography is that we save money on diet pills by going out with a camera, and we don't have potato quality Instagram selfie![sic]
    • 2016, Alicia Lepler, "Album Review: 50 By Rick Astley", The Guardian (University of California, San Diego), 13 October 2016, page 9:
      Take a long, critical look at the video for "Never Gonna Give You Up." Its meme cache stems primarily from the dated, campy potato-quality grain.
    • 2017, Emily Gunn, "Why Do You Live Stream Your Life?", Audio Addict, January 2017, page 16:
      Furthermore, why would someone watch your potato-quality live stream when they could look at professional photographs the day after, and not have to deal with your annoying need for attention and validation from people on the internet?