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pre- +‎ approve


preapprove (third-person singular simple present preapproves, present participle preapproving, simple past and past participle preapproved)

  1. (transitive) To approve beforehand, before execution or implementation.
    • 1996 July 19, Scott Barancik, “Moral Combat”, in Chicago Reader[1]:
      Since election boards aren't actually willing to preapprove these forms for software companies, Dean, as a presidential candidate, submits his own forms.
    • 2004 September 10, Edward Tverdek, “When Libertarians Go Shopping”, in Chicago Reader[2]:
      While you'll probably have her sympathies if your condominium association wants to preapprove your storm door, you'll need to work harder for her support if your boss at the music megastore demands you grow a goatee to help lend the place some indie cred.
    • 2008 September 14, Bob Tedeschi, “It’s Helpful to Know Your Limits”, in New York Times[3]:
      But that is changing; in the coming months, Mr. Gollinger said, his company will hold an auction in a suburban New York community where lenders will help preapprove bidders for mortgages.
    • 2008 August 23, Mary Williams Walsh, “Driving Is Down, but Auto Insurance Rates Are Rising”, in New York Times[4]:
      Some states do not preapprove rates, as New York does, but can take action later if they find an increase was inappropriate.


Derived terms[edit]