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pre- +‎ construction


preconstruction (countable and uncountable, plural preconstructions)

  1. Work done in preparation for construction, such as of a building.
    • 2009, January 18, “Sean D. Hamill”, in Land Deal Is Reached for a 9/11 Memorial[1]:
      Another part of the agreement will also immediately allow the park service to have access to the land, even before the condemnation suit is filed, which will allow preconstruction work, like soil sampling and surveying, to take place.
  2. A preconception or prejudice.
    • 1872, Eduard Reuss, ‎Robert William Dale, History of Christian Theology in the Apostolic Age (volume 1, page 378)
      Our texts are so clear to those who have eyes to see and comprehend, that the simple statement of their true meaning ought at once to dissipate the clouds gathered round them by dogmatic prejudices, interested imaginations, and political preconstructions.