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pre- +‎ loved


preloved (not comparable)

  1. (euphemistic) Used; previously owned by somebody else.
    • 1998, Peter Weill, Marianne Broadbent, Leveraging the new infrastructure
      Providing low rates for preloved cars available for hire near airports and cheaper downtown hotels
    • 2004, Alan Perlis, Beth Bradley, The Unofficial Guide to Buying a Home
      When you buy an older, or preloved home, make sure to put an inspection contingency in your contract.
    • 2007 April 19, Zarah Crawford, “After Lunching, the Ladies Go Shopping”, in New York Times[1]:
      Located at the back of this most genteel Upper East Side charity shop, past the alligator bags, upholstered sofas and preloved tuxedos, the designer room is a shoe-box-size repository for the choicest women’s wear, culled from the thousands of items donated every week, and sold at prices slightly higher than the average thrift outlet but still lower than most vintage stores.
    • 2008, Damien Simonis, Barcelona
      With its half-dozen rough preloved tables, gentle jazz and ebullient Venetian owner, Xemei is a slice of Venice on the side of Montjuïc hill.