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Alternative forms[edit]


From pre- +‎ orgasmic.


  • (UK) IPA(key): /ˌpɹiːɔːˈɡazmɪk/


preorgasmic (not comparable)

  1. Happening before an orgasm.
    • 1977, Hardin Blair Jones, Sensual Drugs, p. 136:
      This hallucinogen is also a mild stimulant and hence enhances slightly the preorgasmic sensations.
    • 2003, Ma Ananda Sarita, Ecstatic Sex, p. 61:
      Pre-orgasmic build-up generally takes a longer time for the woman than it does for the man.
    • 2008, Michael J Aminoff, Neurology and General Medicine, p. 666:
      These types of headache are rare; orgasmic headache is about four times more frequent than preorgasmic headache.
  2. Having not yet experienced an orgasm (especially of a woman).
    • 1980, Sandra Risa Leiblum et al., Principles and Practice of Sex Therapy, p. 54:
      Although Mrs. A. reported experiencing more pleasure during sex, she was still preorgasmic.
    • 1993, Rebecca J Donatelle, To Health, p. 167:
      In the past, women who did not experience orgasm were called frigid. This term is no longer used because it implies that the woman is at fault. Instead, the term preorgasmic has been substituted, since most women can be taught to become orgasmic.
    • 2000, Stephanie S Covington, Awakening Your Sexuality, p. 81:
      When her therapist informed her that masturbation is the best way for preorgasmic women to learn how to have an orgasm, she was frightened.