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pressing +‎ -ly


pressingly (comparative more pressingly, superlative most pressingly)

  1. With a sense of urgency, because it is very important.
    • 1998, Lyman Copeland Draper, The Life of Daniel Boone, p.310
      I wrote pressingly to Mr. Boone to raise men with all expedition to join capt. Floyd.
  2. Importantly. Often used with more in this sense.
    Why would you do that on a date, and why, more pressingly, would you do that at the beginning of a date?
  3. With enthusiasm. With friendly encouragement.
    • 2001, April 10, Gillian Healey in The Guardian, Managing to cope
      In early 1993, further education staff were pressingly invited to seminars, workshops and training days to prepare for liberation from the local education authorities.