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From Italian previdenza (social security).


previdential (not comparable)

  1. In Italy, of or pertaining to a social security, insurance benefits or a benefit plan.
    • 1980, Presidency of the Councils of Ministers, Italy: Documents and Notes, page 112:
      As regards this, charitable and social welfare societies that have the task of assisting workers in obtaining previdential services (6), can play an important role.
    • 1984, George C. Maling, Inter-noise: proceedings, Noise Control Foundation, page 1407:
      The previdential protection from "noise-induced deafness" is regulated byPresidential [sic] Decree of June 9th,75,n.482, []
    • 1986, Istituto nazionale della previdenza sociale, Previdenza sociale, volume 42, page XVIII:
      He illustrates now another part of the public expense in previdential field, the one to which the social security institutes — General Direction of the Ministry of Treasure — provide; []
    • 2007, Ina Assitalia [1]
      Between the proposals of the branch life we signal: -Euro Strong Pension: one optimal solution to previdential problem.... Moreover, if they had to happen you of the unexpected, you will have the certainty that your previdential plan will be free of charge.