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Alternative forms[edit]


Contraction of proabortion/proabortionist.


pro-abort (comparative more pro-abort, superlative most pro-abort)

  1. (US, politics, derogatory) pro-choice
    • 1987, "Thornburgh turns down Reagan offer", Gettysburg Times, 1987 April 29:
      In its newsletter, Defense of Life described Thornburgh as "pro-abort" and said Woods had no recorded abortion position.
    • 1989, "Abortion Battle: 2 Foes on Front Lines", The New York Times, 1989 July 17:
      As she stood outside the clinic on Saturday, she lamented the lost opportunities as the counterdemonstrators clogged the sidewalks. "They're the real lunatic, pro-abort people," she said []


pro-abort (plural pro-aborts)

  1. (US, politics, derogatory) A person with pro-choice views.
    • 1992, "Utah Abortion Foes Seek to Elect Pro-Lifers to Keep Political Edge", The Salt Lake Tribune, 1992 January 23:
      The leader of a Utah anti-abortion group told those attending a rally at the state Capitol on Wednesday they should target the elected offices being vacated in 1992.
      "If we lose the governor's seat to a pro-abort, then he can say there isn't enough money to support the abortion law. You must register to vote in 1992 so you can vote those pro-aborts out of office and keep them out," said Rosa Goodnight []