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Short for pro-anorexia.


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pro-ana (plural pro-anas)

  1. A movement that promotes anorexia nervosa as an acceptable lifestyle choice.
    • 2006 December 5, Christine Dunford as Shelley Ford, The Nutcrackers (Boston Legal), season 3, episode 10, written by David E. Kelley and Sanford Golden:
      Pro-ana is not a disease, Mr. Crane, it's a lifestyle choice.
    • 2013 February 17, Julianna Margulies as Alicia Florrick, Red Team/Blue Team (The Good Wife), season 4, episode 14, written by Robert King & Michelle King:
      Alicia: It's a pro-ana website, isn't it?
      Diane: Objection. Relevance?
      Howard: Yeah, I- I don't get it. What is that?
      Alicia: Pro-ana? It's a site intended to promote anorexia.
  2. A member of this movement.
    • 2004 October 27, Eda R. Uca, Ana's Girls: The Essential Guide to the Underground Eating Disorder Community Online, AuthorHouse, ↑ISBN, OL 8467390M, page 69:
      Beyond celebrating the aesthetic value of thinness, pro-anas claim that thinness is a reflection of excellence in other areas of one's life.
    • 2009, Avis Rumney, Dying to Please: Anorexia, Treatment and Recovery, 2nd edition, Jefferson, NC: McFarland & Company, ↑ISBN, OL 23186553M, pages 25-26:
      But juxtaposed to a caveat about the life-threatening nature of anorexia is often an avowal of the pro-ana's goal: to help anorexics in their quest for the "ideal" (emaciated) body.

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