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The video games sense comes from procedure, referring to the specially scripted code associated with these events.


proc (plural procs)

  1. Abbreviation of procedure.
  2. Abbreviation of processor.


proc (third-person singular simple present procs, present participle proccing, simple past and past participle procced)

  1. (video games) To cause a special event to occur.
    • 2000, "S H", The baddest weapons/armor (on newsgroup
      Dunno the weapons' stats, except they both procced fairly frequently - lightning sword procced decapitation (instant death), and the whip procced fire reel (or whatever it was called) which reeled to target into the balor's body, engulfing you in searing flames for big damage.
    • 2000, "Billy Shields", The truth about offhand procs (on newsgroup
      Establish a proccing percentage of a weapon by putting it in the primary hand and then put it in your offhand and check the proccing percentage with varying levels of dual wield skill (while keeping level and dex constant).




proc f

  1. genitive plural of proca