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From Latin professōrius (authoritative) + -al


professorial (comparative more professorial, superlative most professorial)

  1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of a professor or professors, or of a professorship or professorships.
    • 1997, Pamela M. Henson, “‘Through Books to Nature’: Anna Botsford Comstock and the Nature Study Movement”, in Barbara T. Gates and Ann B. Shteir (editors), Natural Eloquence: Women Reinscribe Science, University of Wisconsin Press, →ISBN, page 121:
      Adamant that women could not enter the professorial fraternity, Cornell [University] did not appoint any women professors until 1911 and then only in home economics. Comstock regained her professorial title only in 1913, after working for many years as a lecturer (Conable 127, 130).


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