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progie (plural progies)

  1. (computing) Misspelling of proggy.
    • 2002 February 22, "iam me" (username), Bootable progie??, in alt.comp.periphs.cdr, Usenet:
      [.]I have a question about burning a packaged progie'', (i.e.. installshield or
      self-extractor etc.), so that progie can be installed from the boot
    • 2002 April 13, "Rich" (username), add on progie????, in, Usenet:
      Is it possible for Apache or an add on progie to show those online and their
      connect speeds? My old BBS software could but that may be asking for too
      much now.
    • 2004 May 19, "The Boss" (username), News Group Progie?, in alt.cracks, Usenet:
      Can I use a news group progie with Google's alt. groups? And if so,
      which do you recommend?[.]