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proof +‎ -er


proofer (plural proofers)

  1. A chamber used in baking that encourages fermentation of dough by yeast through warm temperatures and controlled humidity.
  2. One who proofs.
    • 1913, Louis Fader, “The Cost of Production and its Relation to Salesmanship and Profit”, in Process: the photomechanics of printed illustration[1], volume 20, number 237, page 238:
      There was a time when the half-tone photographer received considerable more in wages than did the proofer.
    • 1997, John Leverence, And the winner is--: using awards programs to promote your company[2], ↑ISBN, page 196:
      The proofer would check under “Third” in the T's and find the The Third Annual Pablo Casals Festival.
  1. A printer used to make proofing copies that look like how it will come out of the press.
    • 2003, Mei-Chun Lo, Yui-Liang Chen, Pei-Li Sun, and Ya-Hui Chiang., “The Color Rendering Between a Color Proofer and Printing Press”, in Proceedings AIC 2003 Bangkok: Color Communication and Management[3], ↑ISBN, page 181:
      In graphic arts industry, in order to utilize color effectively, often a proofer is employed to simulate the reproductions of a press that is used to produce high-quality printed matters for clients.

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