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protesti +‎ -oida


  • IPA(key): /ˈprotestoi̯dɑˣ/, [ˈpro̞t̪e̞s̠ˌt̪o̞i̯dɑ(ʔ)]
  • Rhymes: -oidɑ
  • Syllabification: pro‧tes‧toi‧da



  1. (intransitive) to protest
  2. (finance) to file an official complaint about unhonoured bill of exchange or other negotiable loan instrument in order not to lose the right to claim the payment from the original issuer.


Inflection of protestoida (Kotus type 62/voida, no gradation)
indicative mood
present tense perfect
person positive negative person positive negative
1st sing. protestoin en protestoi 1st sing. olen protestoinut en ole protestoinut
2nd sing. protestoit et protestoi 2nd sing. olet protestoinut et ole protestoinut
3rd sing. protestoi ei protestoi 3rd sing. on protestoinut ei ole protestoinut
1st plur. protestoimme emme protestoi 1st plur. olemme protestoineet emme ole protestoineet
2nd plur. protestoitte ette protestoi 2nd plur. olette protestoineet ette ole protestoineet
3rd plur. protestoivat eivät protestoi 3rd plur. ovat protestoineet eivät ole protestoineet
passive protestoidaan ei protestoida passive on protestoitu ei ole protestoitu
past tense pluperfect
person positive negative person positive negative
1st sing. protestoin en protestoinut 1st sing. olin protestoinut en ollut protestoinut
2nd sing. protestoit et protestoinut 2nd sing. olit protestoinut et ollut protestoinut
3rd sing. protestoi ei protestoinut 3rd sing. oli protestoinut ei ollut protestoinut
1st plur. protestoimme emme protestoineet 1st plur. olimme protestoineet emme olleet protestoineet
2nd plur. protestoitte ette protestoineet 2nd plur. olitte protestoineet ette olleet protestoineet
3rd plur. protestoivat eivät protestoineet 3rd plur. olivat protestoineet eivät olleet protestoineet
passive protestoitiin ei protestoitu passive oli protestoitu ei ollut protestoitu
conditional mood
present perfect
person positive negative person positive negative
1st sing. protestoisin en protestoisi 1st sing. olisin protestoinut en olisi protestoinut
2nd sing. protestoisit et protestoisi 2nd sing. olisit protestoinut et olisi protestoinut
3rd sing. protestoisi ei protestoisi 3rd sing. olisi protestoinut ei olisi protestoinut
1st plur. protestoisimme emme protestoisi 1st plur. olisimme protestoineet emme olisi protestoineet
2nd plur. protestoisitte ette protestoisi 2nd plur. olisitte protestoineet ette olisi protestoineet
3rd plur. protestoisivat eivät protestoisi 3rd plur. olisivat protestoineet eivät olisi protestoineet
passive protestoitaisiin ei protestoitaisi passive olisi protestoitu ei olisi protestoitu
imperative mood
present perfect
person positive negative person positive negative
1st sing. 1st sing.
2nd sing. protestoi älä protestoi 2nd sing. ole protestoinut älä ole protestoinut
3rd sing. protestoikoon älköön protestoiko 3rd sing. olkoon protestoinut älköön olko protestoinut
1st plur. protestoikaamme älkäämme protestoiko 1st plur. olkaamme protestoineet älkäämme olko protestoineet
2nd plur. protestoikaa älkää protestoiko 2nd plur. olkaa protestoineet älkää olko protestoineet
3rd plur. protestoikoot älkööt protestoiko 3rd plur. olkoot protestoineet älkööt olko protestoineet
passive protestoitakoon älköön protestoitako passive olkoon protestoitu älköön olko protestoitu
potential mood
present perfect
person positive negative person positive negative
1st sing. protestoinen en protestoine 1st sing. lienen protestoinut en liene protestoinut
2nd sing. protestoinet et protestoine 2nd sing. lienet protestoinut et liene protestoinut
3rd sing. protestoinee ei protestoine 3rd sing. lienee protestoinut ei liene protestoinut
1st plur. protestoinemme emme protestoine 1st plur. lienemme protestoineet emme liene protestoineet
2nd plur. protestoinette ette protestoine 2nd plur. lienette protestoineet ette liene protestoineet
3rd plur. protestoinevat eivät protestoine 3rd plur. lienevät protestoineet eivät liene protestoineet
passive protestoitaneen ei protestoitane passive lienee protestoitu ei liene protestoitu
Nominal forms
infinitives participles
active passive active passive
1st protestoida present protestoiva protestoitava
long 1st2 protestoidakseen past protestoinut protestoitu
2nd inessive1 protestoidessa protestoitaessa agent1, 3 protestoima
instructive protestoiden negative protestoimaton
3rd inessive protestoimassa 1) Usually with a possessive suffix.

2) Used only with a possessive suffix; this is the form for the third-person singular and third-person plural.
3) Does not exist in the case of intransitive verbs. Do not confuse with nouns formed with the -ma suffix.

elative protestoimasta
illative protestoimaan
adessive protestoimalla
abessive protestoimatta
instructive protestoiman protestoitaman
4th nominative protestoiminen
partitive protestoimista
5th2 protestoimaisillaan

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