proviso quod

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From Latin proviso quod, from prōvīsō (ablative neuter singular past participle form of prōvidēre, “to provide”) + quod (neuter form of quī, “that”).[1]



proviso quod (not comparable)

  1. It being provided that.
    • 1607: John Cowell, The interpreter: or booke containing the signification of words, p[UNKNOWN]
      …if the plaintife or demandaunt desist in prosecuting an action, by bringing it to a triall, the defendant or tenent may take out the venire facias to the Shyreeue: which hath in it these words, Prouiso quod, &c. to this ende, that if the plaintife take out any writ to that purpose, the shyreeue shall summon but one Iurie vpon them both.

Derived terms[edit]


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