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pseudo- +‎ -cide


pseudocide (countable and uncountable, plural pseudocides)

  1. A faked or pretend death.
    • 1972 March, Robert L. Hamblin and R. Brooke Jacobsen, “Suicide and Pseudocide: A Reanalysis of Maris’s Data”, in Journal of Health and Social Behavior, volume 13, number 1, page 99:
      Secondly, the contention that suicide attempts are self-therapy is clarified by introducing the concept pseudocide, with no implication that pseudocides eventually lead to suicides.
    • 2000 February 14, “Pseudocide: Doing a Reggie Perrin”, BBC News:
      Some suspect Lord Lucan of pseudocide after he vanished in 1974 on the night of a murder in the Lucan household. His family, though, are convinced the peer killed himself for real.
    • 2005, Philip M. McCarthy, An Assessment of the Range and Usefulness of Lexical Diversity Measures and the Potential of the Measure of Textual, Lexical Diversity (MTLD), PhD dissertation, The University of Memphis.
      Osgood examined suicide notes and compared them to pseudocide notes predicting that greater motivational levels would lead to more frequent use of high frequency words.