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pseudo- +‎ language


pseudolanguage (plural pseudolanguages)

  1. Something written or spoken that resembles language but is not a true language.
    • 1991, Leslie Shepard, ‎Lewis Spence, ‎Nandor Fodor, Encyclopedia of occultism and parapsychology (page 540)
      Some mediums have spoken in elaborate pseudolanguages while in a state of trance.
    • 2000, Andrew Chesterman, ‎Natividad Gallardo San Salvador, ‎Yves Gambier, Translation in Context (page 76)
      The existence of such pseudolanguages as pidgin in south-east Asia and the "Spanglish" found in Puerto Rico is due to the total absence of the coercive dimension []
  2. (computing) A means of describing an algorithm in human terms, without the use of a true programming language.
    • 2010, Maurizio Gabbrielli, ‎Simone Martini, Programming Languages: Principles and Paradigms (page 194)
      State what will be printed by the following code fragment written in a pseudolanguage permitting reference parameters (assume Y and J are passed by reference).