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psycho- +‎ sonic


psychosonic (comparative more psychosonic, superlative most psychosonic)

  1. (rare) Relating to the effects of sound on the mind or soul.
    • 1983, Heidi Von Gunden, The music of Pauline Oliveros (page 122)
      Some of the Sonic Meditations, the sound of the conch shell, sounds received during dreams, and imagined sounds are psychosonic. Oliveros has always been attracted to the sacred power of sound in shamanism []
    • 2000, Joan d'Arc, Phenomenal World (page 103)
      At one time psychosonic procedures were kept secret, but Gray admonishes, "most of them are now being used by commercial or political groupings for influencing whichever section of the Mass mind they want to dominate."
    • 2007, Shawn Taylor, Tribe Called Quest's People's Instinctive Travels and the Paths of Rhythm
      The Trials is an exploration technique whereby I put an album through a series of psychosonic experiments. It is a system that I use to investigate music, taking note of how the music impacts me on various levels: body, mind, spirit and emotion.