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public +‎ comment


public comment (plural public comments)

  1. (politics, law) Input given by the public to governmental (or rarely other) bodies, about proposed legislation or regulation(s), during a period—and by means—set aside and prescribed by law.
    • 1983, “Public Hearings on Metro Rail Impact Study Set‎”, in Los Angeles Times:
      The purpose of the hearings, according to John Dyer, RTD general manager, will be to receive public comment on the environmental impact statement
    • 2011 February 10, Brooke Masters, “Bank auditors to help provide early warning system”, in Financial Times[1]:
      The draft code, which is out for public comment, calls for regular meetings between the external auditors and the regulators of major financial firms and also encourages more informal dialogue
    • 2011 February 16, Matt Weiser, “Public will have more time to comment on location of flooding nerve center”, in Sacramento Bee:
      The public comment deadline on the plan had been Thursday. But numerous people wanted more time to consider and comment on the plan, and the agencies agreed. Comments will now be accepted until March 3.
  2. Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see public,‎ comment.