pumping iron

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pumping iron

  1. present participle of pump iron


pumping iron (uncountable)

  1. (weightlifting, informal) The activity of weightlifting, especially for the purposes of bodybuilding.
    • 1994, Aaron Binder, Pumping Iron After Fifty: The Golden Thread to the Self, page 29
      And your partner will be a friend; pumping iron is not a competition.
    • 2002, James E. Wollrab, Malfeasance, page 91
      He's just another one of Leo's thugs from the east side. Too much pumping iron jarred his brain loose!
    • 2003, Joseph F. Mullen, Strength Training for Women Only, page 35
      Pumping iron is potentially more productive than aerobic dance, requires less skill training than swimming, produces less damage to the body than running and is less hazardous than bike riding on the open road.
    • 2008, David Marlow, Muscle Bound, page 102
      Before he left, however, he worked out with Chase one last time, and encouraged his protégé to keep up with his pumping iron, especially since the youngster was making such impressive strides.