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Borrowed from Spanish póngale.



pungle (third-person singular simple present pungles, present participle pungling, simple past and past participle pungled)

  1. (western US, regional) To pay or hand over; to shell out
    • 1858, Hutchings' Illustrated California Magazine[1], volume 3, page 379:
      I want my dues and must have them — wont be put off any longer — so "pungle down," and oblige
    • 1877, Dan de Quille, History of the Big Bonanza[2]:
      They have kicked the bully Miner ; they have ducked him in the ditch, but they can't make him pungle.
    • 1903, Peter Robertson, The seedy gentleman[3], page 227:
      The clever fakir is all through our life; but I can imagine the keen enjoyment it must be to those fellows who gather crows on street corners—for they have brains—to watch the simple, open-mouthed gull pungle up his money, and buy his valueless stuff.
    • 1999, Meredith L. Clausen, Pietro Belluschi: Modern American Architect[4], page 183:
      "The published sketch of the exterior of the proposed new Marion County Courthouse is a distinct disappointment to taxpayers pungling up the tax money for its construction," a second editorial read.