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Alternative forms[edit]


pure finder (plural pure finders)

  1. (obsolete) Someone who collected dog faeces for sale to tanneries (which used it as a siccative for bookbinding leather). Undertaken by poor people in Britain in the 18th and 19th centuries. [1]
    • 1851, Henry Mayhew, London Labour and the London Poor, volume 2, page 14:
      The pure-finders meet with a ready market for all the dogs’-dung they are able to collect, at the numerous tanyards in Bermondsey.
  2. Used other than with a figurative or idiomatic meaning: see pure,‎ finder.
    • 2001, Howard S. Meyers, Finder's fee agreements: Potential pitfalls and considerations, The Attorney-CPA, July 2002, page 3:
      As one commentator has noted, although a pure finder may "induce the purchase or sale of" a security within the meaning of Section 15(a)(1), he or she is not normally a "broker" because he or she effects no transactions.


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