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Etymology 1[edit]

From purl (a fall).


purler (plural purlers)

  1. (Britain, colloquial) A headlong fall or tumble.
    He came a purler on the icy path.
    • 1869, “Stonehenge” (editor), The Coursing Calendar for the Autumn Season 1868, Containing Returns of All the Public Courses Run in Great Britain snd Ireland, page 172,
      Dilston and Savernake: the latter led, and turned, but in trying to kill came down a purler, which completely knocked all the go out of him; Dilston took possession of the hare, and kept it, winning the course in hollow style.
    • 1954, British Broadcasting Corporation, The Listener, Volume 51, page 67,
      Her French-speaking table in the dining-room is a riot of second-rate behaviour and dexterously aimed bread-pellets; the stairs outside her bedroom are relentlessly buttered and she comes purler after purler.
    • 1986, Judith Saxton (Katie Flynn), Family Feeling, 2012, unnumbered page,
      Yet he was very sure that he had tripped and gone a purler just as he was leaving the Other Place . . . had that made him gash his forehead, once he was back in the pit?
    • 2003, Susan Hill, The Boy Who Taught The Beekeeper To Read, The Boy Who Taught The Beekeeper To Read: And Other Stories, 2011, unnumbered page,
      ‘You could hold the ladder,’ Mart said, ‘see I don′t come a purler.’
  2. (Britain, colloquial) A knockdown blow; a blow that causes a person to fall headlong.
    • 1867, Ouida (Maria Louise Ramé), Under Two Flags, 2006, page 60,
      [] but, falling with a mighty crash, gave him a purler on the opposite side, and was within an inch of striking him dead with his hoof in frantic struggles to recover.
  • (headlong fall or tumble):
  • (incapacitating blow): king hit (Australian)

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Etymology 2[edit]


Alternative forms[edit]


  • (file)


purler (plural purlers)

  1. (Australia, colloquial) Something extremely good.
    • 2000 May 12, peter.ryan, “Top3 best games of all time”, in aus.sport.aussie-rules, Usenet:
      The greatest game ever played is the one marketed with that tag by Australian Football Video: the 1989 round 6 match at Prince's Park between Hawthorn and Geelong, an awesome display of the skills of the game. It is doubtful whether two such great sides had ever graced a single season as the Hawks and the Cats did in 1989. The return match in September was a bit of a purler too, as I recall.
    • 2008 December 24, George W, “Best way to transport wreck Syd-Tsv.”, in aus.motorcycles, Usenet:
      And just when I had a slight thought that there could be a "Lets be nice to George Week"
      And you come along with that purler.