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knock +‎ down


knockdown ‎(plural knockdowns)

  1. An act of knocking down or the condition of being knocked down.
  2. An overwhelming blow.
  3. (slang, dated) Very strong ale or beer.
  4. (genetics) A genetically modified organism that carries one or more genes in its chromosomes that has been made less active or had its expression reduced.
  5. (genetics) The use of a reagent such as an oligonucleotide with sequence complementary to an active gene or its mRNA transcript, to interfere with the expression of said gene.
  6. (nautical) The condition of a sailboat being pushed abruptly to horizontal, with the mast parallel to the water surface.
  7. (soccer) a short pass played downwards, for example from the head onto someone's feet.
    • 2011 January 29, Chris Bevan, “Aston Villa 3 - 1 Blackburn”, in BBC[1]:
      Pires, a three-time Cup winner with Arsenal who scored the Gunners' winner against Southampton in the 2003 final, has been a largely peripheral figure at Villa Park since joining in November - but the 37-year-old rolled back the years with a fine finish from Delfouneso's knockdown.



knockdown ‎(third-person singular simple present knockdowns, present participle knockdowning, simple past and past participle knockdowned)

  1. (genetics) To employ the knockdown technique


knockdown ‎(not comparable)

  1. powerful enough to overwhelm or knock down
    a knockdown argument
    a knockdown blow
  2. reduced in price, originally to a price below which an article would not be sold by the auctioneer
  3. Capable of being taken apart for packing or removal.
    knockdown furniture
  4. (of a rivet head) To be formed into a head by upsetting in fastening.

Derived terms[edit]