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  1. present participle of knock


knocking (plural knockings)

  1. An act in which something is knocked on, or the sound thus produced
    • 1893, W. B. Yeats, The Celtic Twilight[1]:
      These strange openings and closings and knockings were warnings and reminders from the spirits who attend the dying.
    • 1901, Carson Jay Lee, Oswald Langdon[2]:
      There was no response to continued knockings.
    • 2006 July 21, Keith Harris, Monica Kendrick, Peter Margasak, Bob Mehr, Miles Raymer, Neil Tesser, “The Treatment”, in Chicago Reader[3]:
      Recorded live to CD with new instrumentation--artillery shells, tuned suspension cables, boxes filled with springs--and deemphasized guitar parts, it's a beautiful collection of echoes and whispers, drones and knockings, with a gently swelling sense of the sinister.
  2. (automotive) A repetitive ping, knock, or similar sound coming from an engine in which there are repeated uncontrolled explosions in the combustion chamber.
    • 2021 December 1, The Road Ahead, page 56, column 1:
      Knocking can also occur at high speed, but that may go undetected by the driver.