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From purr +‎ -y.


purry (comparative more purry, superlative most purry)

  1. Inclined to purr; purring.
    • 1925, John Dos Passos, “Tracks”, in Manhattan Transfer, New York, N.Y., London: Harper & Brothers, →OCLC, 1st section, page 88:
      "The little dear," came the nurse's voice low and purry and reassuring, "he's been sitting up worrying all night and he never bothered us once."
    • 2009, Tui Sutherland, Bulldog Won't Budge, page 145:
      I gingerly patted Carbonel's back. His ears twitched, and I felt a rumble go through his fur. He was purring! “You have a very purry cat,” I said to Ellie.