putang ina mo

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Literally meaning "your mother is a whore", from Spanish puta(prostitute) + Ilocano ina(mother) + mo(your).


putang ina mo

  1. (vulgar) son of a bitch
    Putang ina mo!
    Your mother is a prostitute!

Usage notes[edit]

Considered the worst of Tagalog vulgarities. Without the possessive pronoun "mo' or "ka", "niya", "ninyo", "Putang ina" is just an angry expletive devoid of the meaning "your mother is a whore". It only means "whore of a mother"---but, in the group of such other expletives as "crap" or "Shit" or undirected "sonofabitch". "Anak ng puta" would be "son of a whore", but again, without an object pronoun, it is just an undirected expletive in very common use.