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pyo- +‎ -uria


pyuria (plural pyurias)

  1. (medicine, pathology) The presence of pus in the urine.
    • 1903, Thomas Kirkpatrick Monro, Manual of Medicine, page 516,
      Pyuria may result from suppuration in any part of the urinary system, or from an abscess opening into the urinary tract.
    • 1955, John Henry Cunningham, Oswald Swinney Lowsley, The Year Book of Urology, page 122,
      The Sternheimer-Malbin stain is useful in diagnosis of pyelonephritis, and of even more help in differential diagnosis of the pyurias.
    • 2003, Rabih O. Darouiche, Chapter 15: Infection and Spinal Cord Injury, in Vernon W. Lin, Diana D. Cardenas, Frederick Frost, Nancy C. Cutter, Robert Waters, Spinal Cord Medicine: Principles and Practice, page 202,
      The nonspecificity of the finding of pyuria, like bacteriuria, can also hamper the diagnosis of UTI. Pyuria reflects an inflammation of the uromucosal lining and may signal the transition from bladder colonization to symptomatic UTI. However, pyuria can also be caused bt a variety of noninfectious conditions [] .
    • 2006, Vicki Figen, Chapter 31: Dysuria and Pyuria, in Peter Manu, Raymond E. Suarez, Barbara J. Barnett (editors), Handbook of Medicine in Psychiatry, page 287,
      Pyuria is the presence of white blood cells (WBCs) in the urine. Pyuria alone does not indicate a urinary tract infection (UTI).