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qorma (plural qormas)

  1. Alternative spelling of korma
    • 2001, ʻIṣmat Cug̲h̲tāʼī, Tahira Naqvi, My friend, my enemy: essays, reminiscences, portraits
      "Ai Manto Sahib, who uses turmeric in qorma?" Safia asked in horror. And he launched into an argument with her.
    • 2001, Jahanara Habibullah, Remembrance of Days Past (page 90)
      The two main curries served in Rampur were the qaliya and the qorma.
    • 2005, Shaila Abdullah, Beyond the Cayenne Wall
      She glanced quickly at the thick meat qorma curry simmering quietly on the other stove and then rushed to the phone.