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quaq (uncountable)

  1. (Iñupiat culture) Frozen meat or eggs, eaten partially thawed.
    • 2007, Richard Hosking, Eggs in Cookery: Proceedings of the Oxford Symposium of Food and Cookery 2006[1]:
      Freezing also produces quaq, the Arctic's favorite protein dish made by freezing raw protein and eating it when partially defrosted.
    • 2008, Seth Kantner, Shopping for Porcupine: A Life in Arctic Alaska[2]:
      We ate that quaq — frozen fish — all winter, raw and dipped in seal oil.
    • 2015, Alicia Z. Klepeis, The World's Strangest Foods[3]:
      Some people in Arctic regions eat frozen meat called quaq. Common varieties of quaq include caribou, seal, fish, and musk ox.