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queeb ‎(plural queebs)

  1. (slang, perhaps vulgar) vaginal flatulence
    • 1998 March 6, "Peanutbuttermouf" (username), "Re: Fart Power", in alt.silly.little.newsgroup, Usenet:
      Does this figure also include queebs?
    • 2002 February 15, "Wendy Hankins" (username), "Re: Advice on air trapped in vagina", in soc.sexuality.general, Usenet:
      when this air builds up enough and she moves, it will cause her to expell it, producing the "queeb" (the word as i know it). [][] but with the queeb, i just blame him, cause if he wasnt going in and out of there, there wouldnt be any air to get trapped.
    • 2002 October 7, "SGT Robo" (username), "Re: Humorous Nerd Report: The Fart Experiment", in misc.fitness.weights, Usenet:
      wonder if this applies to a queeb as well
    • 2003 April 18, "Livendive" (username), "Re: OT: Friday funny", in rec.skydiving, Usenet:
      Umm, Jim...those were just queebs. :-)