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question +‎ -less


questionless (comparative more questionless, superlative most questionless)

  1. (rare) Certain; indubitable; unquestionable; not admitting of question or doubt.
  2. Asking no questions; unquestioning.



  1. (archaic) Certainly; undoubtedly; without question.
    • 1633, Peter Heylyn [i.e., Heylin], The Historie of that Most Famous Saint and Souldier of Christ Iesvs; St. George of Cappadocia: Asserted from the Fictions, of the Middle Ages of the Chvrch and Opposition of the Present. The Institution of the Most Noble Order of S. George, Named the Garter. A Catalogue of All the Knights thereof, from the First Institution, to this Present: As also of the Principall Officers thereunto Belonging, 2nd corrected and enlarged edition, London: Printed by Thomas Harper, for Henry Seyle [i.e., Seile] and are to be sold at his Shop, the signe of the Tygers-head in Saint Pauls Church-yard, OCLC 43142787, page 303:
      [I]n the firſt of Henry the ſixth, the Company of Armorers in London were incorporated by the name of the fraternite of Saint George: which queſtionleſſe reflected on him, though not as Patron ſpecially of this Realme of England, yet as the tutelarie Saint of militarie men. Elſe to what purpose ſhould the Armorers, whoſe trade is onely deſtinate to the uſe of Souldiers, be made a Corporation by his name, and under his protection.
    • 1662 Thomas Salusbury, Galileo's Dialogue Concerning the Two Chief World Systems, Dialogue 2:
      And do not you perceive a shamefull errour therein? But questionlesse you dissemble it.