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quid +‎ -let


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quidlet (plural quidlets)

  1. (Britain, New Zealand, Australia, informal) quid; pound in money
    • 1935, George Goodchild, Carl Eric Bechhofer Roberts, They all do it!: and two other plays
      All we want to see is that our three hundred quidlets are sitting comfy in the bank.
    • 1939, The Strand magazine (volume 97‎)
      Say he had lost five thousand quidlets. And what about it? What were five thousand paper quidlets to him?
    • 1972, Bruce Marshall, The black oxen
      Two-fifty quidlets, Mr. Duncan — you can't get a really posh stone for less. In any case it wouldn't be only an emerald or a sapphire you'd be buying []