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From Latin quid nunc? (what now?).



quidnunc (plural quidnuncs)

  1. (archaic) A person eager to learn news and scandal.
    Synonyms: busybody, buttinsky, gossip, newsmonger, yenta
    • 1785, Rudolf Erich Raspe, chapter V, in The Surprising Adventures of Baron Munchausen:
      We all did our duty, which, in the patriot's, soldier's, and gentleman's language, is a very comprehensive word, of great honour, meaning, and import, and of which the generality of idle quidnuncs and coffee-house politicians can hardly form any but a very mean and contemptible idea.
    • 1809, Washington Irving, chapter VIII, in Knickerbocker's History of New York, volume 5:
      [] but still something was necessary to convince the community at large, to quiet those praying quidnuncs who should come after them--in short, the world must be satisfied.

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