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Alternative forms[edit]


From butt in(to interject) +‎ -sky, humorously modeled after Russian names, early 20th c.


buttinsky ‎(plural buttinskys or buttinskies)

  1. (informal, derisive, Canada, US) One who is prone to butt in, interrupt, or get involved where (s)he is not welcome.
    • 1922, Sinclair Lewis, “20”, in Babbitt:
      "Well, all right then! If you think I'm a buttinsky, then I'll just butt in! [] "
    I wish I had never met that nosy buttinsky!
  1. (telecommunications) (usually buttinski) A robust portable one-piece telephone instrument with clips, used by technicians and lines staff for testing telephone circuits or making a temporary connection to a telephone line.


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