nosey parker

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Alternative forms[edit]


Unknown, 1890.[1]


nosey parker (plural nosey parkers)

  1. an overly inquisitive or prying person
    • 1991, Kathleen Dayus, Where There's Life, London: Virago Press Ltd
      Yer a lotta nosey parkers.
    Synonym: stickybeak (Australia, New Zealand)

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nosey parker (third-person singular simple present nosey parkers, present participle nosey parkering, simple past and past participle nosey parkered)

  1. To snoop; to behave in an inquisitive manner.
    • 1944, Ernest Robertson Punshon, Secrets Can't be Kept, page 23:
      "I don't want to 'nosey parker'," he said, "but police have got to be told if there's anything wrong..."
    • 1979, LeRoy Lad Panek, Watteau's Shepherds: The Detective Novel in Britain, 1914-1940, page 189:
      Alleyn is no dabbler or dilettante whose hobby is criminology and who nosey parkers around and chases ambulances to break the grip of boredom with a spot of adventure.
    • 1995, Anne Worboys, Village Sins, page 144:
      The inspector opened his mouth to ask Fred what she had better tell, but Ivy flared, "We'd be out of business in no time if I nosey parkered on everyone I saw around at night."
    • 2004, David Robinson, An Expat's Life, Luxembourg & the White Rose, page 123:
      Now, I must admit I love nosey parkering around houses.


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