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  1. (rare, US, modern Britain and Australia short scale) 1048.
    • 1946: United States Department of Commerce, The United States Department of Commerce: How it serves you on land and sea and in the air, U. S. Government Printing Office (1946)
      3 quindecillion, 657 quattuordecillion, 262 tredecillion; which is to say the figures 3,657,262 followed by 42 ciphers. Operators of the key punch machines transfer a code symbol from the Census [...].
    • 1978: D. Wallechinsky, I. Wallace, and A. Wallace, The People's Almanac Presents The Book of Lists, Bantam (1978)
      One supernova, in 1054, was thought by many to herald the biblical Day of Judgment. We have reached an energy level of 10 quindecillion ergs, or 1049 ergs.
  2. (rare, dated, Britain and Australia, long scale) 1090.


  • 1996: Aletta Biersack (editor), Papuan Borderlands: Huli, Duna, and Ipili Perspectives on the Papua New Guinea Highlands, University of Michigan Press (January 1996)
    Thus, the counting system is linked to creation [...] the new people are going to possess the most important human senses -- hearing, sight, and smell -- yet on the sixteenth day, the beginning of the second quindecillion, they begin to act irrationally, polluting the land by indiscriminate defecation.
  • 2003: Magic Dragon Multimedia, Timeline Cosmic Future, (2003)
    [W]e calculate that there are approximately 1.28556438 Quindecillion arrangements of 34 letters (the same letter can occur more than once).



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