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From Latin sex (six) prefixed with decillion.



sexdecillion (plural sexdecillions)

  1. (rare, US, modern British & Australian, short scale) 1051.
    • 1896: Frank H. Hall, The Werner Arithmetic, Oral and Written, Book Two, Parts I and II
      The names of the periods above trillion are as follows...18th, sexdecillion...
    • 1994, The Arithmetic Teacher, National Council of Teachers of Mathematics
      The answer is read as: 13 sexdecillion, 253 quindecillion, 796 quattuordecillion, 742 tredecillion....
    • 2004, Alan Sondheim, The Wayward, →ISBN, page 138
      How many Stars Shine on Tiny Jennifer’s Hair? ... Two million, three hundred and forty nine thousand, eight hundred seventy five vigintillion, seven hundred fifty four novemdecillion, five hundred forty three octodecillion, four hundred fifty seven septendecillion, eight hundred ninety nine sexdecillion, eight hundred seventy three quindecillion, nine hundred forty five quattuordecillion, nine hundred eighty seven tredecillion, nine hundred eighty seven duodecillion, six hundred undecillion, nine hundred eighty three decillion...
    • 2006, James T. Mangan, The Secret of Perfect Living, Infinity Publishing, →ISBN, page 200
      After the episode, which had several other startling “coincidences,” I computed the number of chances of it happening again as one in Six Septendecillion, Seven Hundred and Fifty Sexdecillion, with all circumstances the same.
  2. (rare, dated, British & Australian, long scale) 1096.


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