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From quip +‎ -y.



quippy (comparative quippier, superlative quippiest)

  1. Joky; inclined to or characterised by quipping.
    • 2003, Dorcas S Miller, More Backcountry Cooking: Moveable Feasts from the Experts
      I usually flinch at the quippy philosophies espoused on car bumper stickers...
    • 2008, Pierre Dillenbourg, Times of convergence: technologies across learning contexts
      One of them told us in a quippy comment: “we are not architects”.
    • 2009 April 19, Pico Iyer, “Rough Guide to Transformation”, in New York Times[1]:
      Dyer’s trademark wit and uniqueness, in fact, surround you before you’ve even turned to the first page: the first half of his title, “Jeff in Venice,” at once offers a quippy come-on and announces he’s going to subvert and update the classic novella by Thomas Mann (putting the self, or anti-self, in place of death) []