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From rabbit +‎ -ling.


rabbitling (plural rabbitlings)

  1. (rare) A small or young rabbit.
    • 1857, Henry Morley, Gossip, page 228:
      Three rabbitlings, all with surprising tails — an unique breed — were a peace-offering to move the stubbornest of hearts.
    • 1887, The Gentleman's Magazine, volume 263, page 301:
      Yonder goes a weasel wriggling over a turf fence, on the other side of which probably it has its home, gorged, as one can imagine, with the brains of silly rabbibs[sic] and rabbitlings.
    • 1905, Arthur Henry Beavan, Animals I Have Known, page 72:
      I remember catching a nearly full-grown "rabbitling” in a rather strange way when the waters were out at Windsor, Eton, and Datchet.
    • 1980, Annual Report of the Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources and the Environment, page 177:
      The total quantity of milk produced during the year was 129,399.6 litres, out of which 25,420.0 litres were fed to calves, piglets and rabbitlings, 78,467.0 litres were sold to Hospitals, []