rape van

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rape van (plural rape vans)

  1. (vulgar slang) A vehicle with a large interior body having no windows or blocked windows, such that it would be easy to lure or force a person inside and thereafter conceal their presence in the vehicle in order to commit a sexual assault against them.
    • 1997, Wendy Kaminer, True Love Waits: Essays and Criticism, page 133:
      It would be difficult even to raise questions about the accuracy of the rape van story, however, in the highly emotional atmosphere of a slide show; you'd be accused of "not believing the women."
    • 2008, Anthony Swofford, Exit A: A Novel, p. 14:
      There were no abductions, no girls lured into rape vans with promises of modeling careers or screen time, no burglaries in the parking lot.
    • 2010, Eric Smith, Textual Healing, p. 183:
      ...if you want to teach younger kids a lesson, then teach them not to talk to strangers, how to cross the street, not to take candy or puppies out of scary looking rape vans... things of that nature.