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redhot (comparative more redhot, superlative most redhot)

  1. Alternative form of red-hot
    • 1829, William Thomas Brande, A manual of chemistry, page 321:
      The better kind of pottery, called in this country Staffordshire ware, is made of an artificial mixture of alumina and silica; the former obtained in the form of a tine clay, from Devonshire chiefly ; and the latter consisting of chert or flint, which is heated redhot, quenched io water, and then reduced to powder.
    • 1977, William S. Faught, Motivation and Intensionality in a Computer Simulation Model, page 99:
      A child can learn the concept "hot" without the word "hot" by touching a redhot poker. The next time he sees a redhot poker he recalls his prior experience and avoids the poker.
    • 1999, Dana Stabenow, Hunter's Moon, →ISBN, page 35:
      Judging from his expression, so did Old Sam, although he wouldn't have admitted it unless his fingernails were being ripped out by redhot pincers.