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re- +‎ divorce


redivorce (plural redivorces)

  1. A divorce that terminates a remarriage.
    • 1987, Kay Pasley, ‎Marilyn Ihinger-Tallman, Remarriage and stepparenting: current research and theory, page 12:
      Further, although the remarriage rate for whites is higher, redivorce among them also is more common (Glick, 1980).
    • 1992, Arthur J. Norton, ‎Louisa Miller, Marriage, divorce, and remarriage in the 1990's, page 6:
      Past increases in the number of remarriages after divorce have led to increases in the number of couples subject to ending a marriage through the redivorce of at least one of the partners.
    • 2013, Robert E. Emery, Cultural Sociology of Divorce: An Encyclopedia, →ISBN, page 1158:
      Upon redivorce, the in loco parentis relationship is considered terminated.


redivorce (third-person singular simple present redivorces, present participle redivorcing, simple past and past participle redivorced)

  1. To divorce after a remarriage.
    • 1990, Current Population Reports: Special studies:
      Data in table G show that according to the results of the June 1985 survey, 26 percent of women eligible to redivorce had done so by age 75.
    • 1984, American Demographics:
      Whites redivorce more frequently than blacks.
    • 1996, Trends in the Well-being of America's Children and Youth, page 13:
      Many persons who remarry subsequently redivorce, however.

Usage notes[edit]

This term is sometimes used even when the previous marriage did not end in divorce, as in the case when a widow remarries.