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refined +‎ -ly


refinedly (comparative more refinedly, superlative most refinedly)

  1. in a refined manner
    • 1877, Charles Cotton, The Essays of Montaigne, Volume 15[1]:
      The sciences treat of things too refinedly, after an artificial, very different from the common and natural, way.
    • 1905, Alexander H. Japp, Robert Louis Stevenson[2]:
      The highest art and the lowest are indeed here at one in demanding moral poise, if we may call it so, that however crudely in the low, and however artistically and refinedly in the high, vice should not only not be set forth as absolutely triumphing, nor virtue as being absolutely, outwardly, and inwardly defeated.
    • 1927, Havelock Ellis, Studies in the Psychology of Sex, Volume 3 (of 6)[3]:
      It is evident that this unhappy marriage was decisive in determining De Sade's career; he at once threw himself recklessly into every form of dissipation, spending his health and his substance sometimes among refinedly debauched nobles and sometimes among coarsely debauched lackeys.