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regain +‎ -ment


regainment (countable and uncountable, plural regainments)

  1. An instance of regaining.
    • 1880, Orange Scott Runnels, Runnels: Pamphlets, page 20:
      Nature at the very commencement of all treatment should be aided as much as possible in the regainment of her full complement of energy.
    • 1986, R. John Leigh, ‎Sidney Malitz, ‎Harold A. Sackeim, Electroconvulsive Therapy: Clinical and Basic Research Issues, →ISBN:
      As indexed by the session at which full regainment of orientation occurred, however, our results did not reveal any correlations between age and session of regainment of full reorientation that even approached statistical significance at either treatment (p > 0.40).
    • 1993, Proceedings of the All-India Oriental Conference, page 16:
      The implicit atmosphere of the battle in the in rc. 5 of the same hymn (i.e.RV 10.108.5) for the regainment of the cows and the mention of the sharp weapons find an explicit reference in the VarP.