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regenerate +‎ -ome


regenerome (plural regeneromes)

  1. (biochemistry, physiology) the totality of the regeneration functions of an organ (especially of the liver)
    • 2005, He Fuchu, “Human Liver Proteome Project: Plan, Progress, and Perspectives”, in Molecular & Cellular Proteomics, volume 4, number 12:
      “Liver Physiome” will include metabolome, toxicome, pharmacome, and regenerome, which correspond to the proteomic basis of the main hepatic physiological functions such as metabolism, detoxication, pharmacokinetics, and regeneration, respectively.
    • 2009, “$2.4 million stimulus fuels effort to regenerate injured spinal cords”, in University of Florida News[1]:
      Only now have new genetic, molecular and cellular technologies as well as scientific knowledge of the salamander, mouse and human genomes and ‘regeneromes’ risen to a level where scientists can compare systemwide responses to injury.
    • 2018 December, Mihai Nadin, “Redefining medicine from an anticipatory perspective”, in Progress in Biophysics and Molecular Biology, volume 140:
      All this might explain why the salamander regenerome continues to fascinate researchers (for regenerative medicine, see Brody, 2016, Willyard, 2016.)