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From Persian رهبر(rahbar).


  • IPA(key): /ɾɛhbeɾ/
  • Hyphenation: reh‧ber


rehber (definite accusative rehberi, plural rehberler)

  1. guide (person)
  2. guide book
  3. itinerary (guide)


Nominative rehber
Definite accusative rehberi
Singular Plural
Nominative rehber rehberler
Definite accusative rehberi rehberleri
Dative rehbere rehberlere
Locative rehberde rehberlerde
Ablative rehberden rehberlerden
Genitive rehberin rehberlerin
Possessive forms
Nominative Singular Plural
1st singular rehberim rehberlerim
2nd singular rehberin rehberlerin
3rd singular rehberi rehberleri
1st plural rehberimiz rehberlerimiz
2nd plural rehberiniz rehberleriniz
3rd plural rehberleri rehberleri
Definite accusative Singular Plural
1st singular rehberimi rehberlerimi
2nd singular rehberini rehberlerini
3rd singular rehberini rehberlerini
1st plural rehberimizi rehberlerimizi
2nd plural rehberinizi rehberlerinizi
3rd plural rehberlerini rehberlerini
Dative Singular Plural
1st singular rehberime rehberlerime
2nd singular rehberine rehberlerine
3rd singular rehberine rehberlerine
1st plural rehberimize rehberlerimize
2nd plural rehberinize rehberlerinize
3rd plural rehberlerine rehberlerine
Locative Singular Plural
1st singular rehberimde rehberlerimde
2nd singular rehberinde rehberlerinde
3rd singular rehberinde rehberlerinde
1st plural rehberimizde rehberlerimizde
2nd plural rehberinizde rehberlerinizde
3rd plural rehberlerinde rehberlerinde
Ablative Singular Plural
1st singular rehberimden rehberlerimden
2nd singular rehberinden rehberlerinden
3rd singular rehberinden rehberlerinden
1st plural rehberimizden rehberlerimizden
2nd plural rehberinizden rehberlerinizden
3rd plural rehberlerinden rehberlerinden
Genitive Singular Plural
1st singular rehberimin rehberlerimin
2nd singular rehberinin rehberlerinin
3rd singular rehberinin rehberlerinin
1st plural rehberimizin rehberlerimizin
2nd plural rehberinizin rehberlerinizin
3rd plural rehberlerinin rehberlerinin