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re- +‎ lift


relift (third-person singular simple present relifts, present participle relifting, simple past and past participle relifted)

  1. To lift something again.


relift (not comparable)

  1. (hydraulic engineering) Pertaining to a pumping system that raises the level of water that is flowing in a waterway.
    • 1962, George A. Lineer, Report on Proposed Westplains Water Storage District:
      A relift pump would then raise the water to another concrete-lined canal on compacted fill.
    • 1985, Pick-Sloan Missouri Basin Program, Lake Andes-Wagner Unit:
      The purpose of this wasteway is to provide for emergency waste in the canal in case of unscheduled shutdown of the relift pumping plant.
    • 1988, Umatilla Basin Project, Planning Report: Environmental Impact Statement:
      The proposed Stanfield canal, Stanfield relift pump, and Stanfield relift canal and siphon features were not surveyed at this time because they cross irrigated croplands.
    • 2004, Journal of the Arkansas Academy of Science - Volume 58, page 28:
      Comparison of benefit/cost ratios of well and relift systems for tailwater recovery system in northeast Arkansas.